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      Haoyu Electrical

      News center

      Haoyu Electrical

      Over the past 20 years, thanks to the support of friends from all walks of life and the deep
      affection。JiLinHao yu plowed on the path of development。 >>For more news

        Exhibition Center

        Haoyu Electrical

        • Product - 环形锻件VIEW

        • Product - 高温炉烟管道VIEW

        • Product - 配管VIEW

        • Product - 皮尔格轧辊VIEW

        • Product - 汽机转子VIEW

        • Equipment - 推制ID953弯头VIEW

        • Equipment - ZYW1200-800型中VIEW

        • Equipment - SDJ1200坡口机VIEW

        • Equipment - GB42130(¢1300VIEW

        • Equipment - 6000×12000mm大VIEW

        business management

        Haoyu Electrical

        • The management system

          As long as the early morning the first light, whether you are a lion or a gazelle, you must run faster than the other to live.
          HaoYu come is to solve the problem,he problem will deal with it is wisdom。
        • The safety management

          Change may be painful, don't change to be eliminated more painful, don't work hard, others want to pull you out, but couldn't find where is your hand
          This is how do enterprises all dignity。
        • The enterprise values

          There is no dress rehearsal in life, in the future the way we are all beginners; Life is like stage,
          less than curtain never know how wonderful he is
        • The spirit of enterprise

          What is the Wolf? Loyalty, cooperation, greedy and cruel - this is the world of a Wolf, not right, not wrong, there is only one purpose: to survive
          What is god? God can be moved。

        Corporate performance

        Haoyu Electrical